"Since inception, Genesis Partners has emphasized the importance of people. In our investment making decisions the entrepreneurs are given the highest priority and attention."
[Eddy Shalev, Genesis Partners]
"The thing that gives me the most pride is the team that we have managed to build and grow over the years."
[Eyal Kishon, Genesis Partners]
"I believe Genesis is the best partner to help us build a major company that can revolutionize, and become a leader in, a huge space."
[Aryeh Mergi, President & Co Founder, Activepath ]
"Dream the future! Hang in there all the way to make it happen."
[Dov Moran]
"The future is invented not discovered."
[Aviad Maizels, President & Founder, Primesense]
"We found the Genesis Partners team to be wonderful companions in our journey. Their belief in our vision and support along the way was essential and very much appreciated."
[Yaniv Golan]
"The key success factor in building a successful company is a strong team...plus a little bit of luck"
[Kobi Ben-Zvi, CEO, Wintegra]
"As a serial entrepreneur, I would love to continue and partner with Genesis, and benefit from its team's experience."
[Shahar Kaminitz, Worklight Inc. CEO]
"What you really need in your board is energy givers, not energy takers – so choosing the right crew is a key factor for success."
[Amir Ronen,CEO, Sensible Medical]
"Hire people that are better than you and make sure they are mentally mature to do the same. Otherwise the foundation of the pyramid under you will be based on dummies!"
[Offir Remez, Founder, Lucid Technologies]
"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
[Yuval Cohen, CEO, Neebula]
"The people I choose to work with are honest, focused, team players and of course fighters that never give up."
[Zvika Netter,CEO, Innovid]
"Teamwork is working together even when apart."
[Limor Malka, Genesis Partners]
"You cannot count on luck to be successful. Rather depend on choosing the right market and the right people."
[Amnon Yacoby, Chairman, Aternity]
"There is no "I" in "TEAMWORK"."
[Ohad Zaid]
"It's all about the people!"
[Genesis Partners Team]
"Genesis Partners brings a high level of professionalism, fast decision making, and tight cooperation. I value the fund’s contribution not only financially but as a highly trusted partner."
[Guy Sella, CEO, Solaredge]
"Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!"
[Orly Rauscher, Genesis Partners]
"Only spirited, dedicated humans can create something which did not exist before and, with their unique capabilities, lift us to pinnacles previously untouched."
[Yair Shoham]
"Business relationships are usually struck between people - not between companies. The entrepreneur behind a start-up is the key factor in our investment decision."
[Gary Gannot, Genesis Partners]
"The winners are the ones that surround themselves with great, talented, positive people, and create winning teams."
[Guy Yehiav, CEO, Profitect ]
"Always hire for attitude rather than for skill. Skills can be acquired – poor attitude hardly ever changes."
[Gigi Levy, CEO, 888 Holdings]
"Genesis is the time and place, where vision, imagination and a great team come together to create an exciting new venture.
[Moti Margalit, Entrepreneur]
"Joint commitment and partnership in ensuring that all people are entitled to equal opportunities for growth and development in their community."
[Naomi Stuchiner, Founding President, Beit Issie Shapiro]
"Being part of Genesis portfolio is an exquisite chance to grow from entrepreneurial daydream to profitable global company."
[Tamara Baksht, VISIC Technologies]
"Work with outstanding people and let them be awesome"
[Omer Perchik, Founder & CEO, Any.Do]
"Good people and great team work make the difference between winning companies and all the rest"
[Yacov Rozen]
"Genesis references creation which was a fundamentally collaborative process. So too, building a company requires the support of an innovative, strong and creative team – exactly what Genesis Partners offers us"
[Jeff Kupietzky, CEO, Powerinbox]
"Genesis have been tremendously helpful and instrumental in pushing us towards building a great business and solving a real and pressing pain in our world."
[Yuval Kaminka, Founder & CEO, Joytunes]
"I love my job! And it is all because of the people I meet and work with every day."
[Hadar Kiriati, Genesis Partners]
"Genesis Partners are smart investors and true partners we enjoyed working with."
[Avichay Nissenbaum]
"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
[Irit Gold, Genesis Partners]
"The exciting part of technonlogy is the possibility it provides for removing boundaries between people. I am privileged to be part of a team that keeps exploring the future."
[Tami Dvir, Genesis Partners]
"Even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point. But only with the best entrepreneurs can you feel confident enough to embark on the journey."
[Roi Bar-Kat, Genesis Partners]
"No one succeeds on their own. You need the right partners supporting you when you're trying to change the world, and we're lucky to have that in Genesis"
[Tamar Yaniv, CEO, Preen.Me]
"On both a personal and professional level, it has been great to work with the entire Genesis Partner team."
[Ran Kohavi]
"You can have a great dream, you can work hard, you can raise ton's of money but at the end, to make it happen, it's all about people."
[Eran Fine]
"I know for sure that what makes the difference between 'good' and 'great' is the people."
[Jonathan Saacks, Genesis Partners]
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